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Knee & Foot Pain


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It is difficult to heal from pain without the proper treatment. You may be suffering from foot and knee pain, but you're unsure how to cure it or where to get the best possible treatment. Chronic foot and knee pain makes everyday tasks difficult and can make living your life miserable.

You deserve a solution to help you find relief as quickly as possible. Alpha Medicine and Rehab provides treatment with personalized, high-quality care in various clinic locations.


Thousands of Healing Hands

Holistic Approach

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Our team of rehabilitation specialists will help you recover from your injuries with the latest innovative treatments available.

We are able to treat a wide range of illnesses using a holistic approach. For each patient, we've devised a unique treatment strategy to accelerate your recovery and keep you from relapsing.

We ensure that there is a facility close to you that has a staff of highly qualified specialists that can deliver the most up-to-date rehabilitation treatments.

Get Back on Track with Cutting-Edge Care


According to research by the National Center for Biotechnology, head-on collisions are to blame for 76% of all foot and ankle injuries in automobile accidents.

There are various ways in which a car collision can harm the body, resulting in different kinds of trauma for different people. Knee, foot, and shin pain are common after a car collision, as are other types of injuries, including whiplash.

Our specialists at Alpha Medicine and Rehab have years of expertise in treating patients who have been injured in vehicle accidents. We don't just treat your symptoms to alleviate your pain; instead, we try to find the root cause of your problem.

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