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Lower Back Pain


Back Pain Treatment You Can Trust

Examining / Diagnosing / Healing

You may have suffered an injury in a car accident, and now you are dealing with back pain that won't go away. It is frustrating and embarrassing, and not to mention, it just doesn't feel good. You can't move, sleep comfortably, or even do the things you love.

At Alpha Medicine and Rehab, we offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program that helps reduce back pain symptoms by using cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment plans to meet your specific needs.


Thousands of Healing Hands

Holistic Approach

Network of Clinic Locations

Our team of rehabilitation specialists will help you recover from your injuries with the latest innovative treatments available.

We are able to treat a wide range of illnesses using a holistic approach. For each patient, we've devised a unique treatment strategy to accelerate your recovery and keep you from relapsing.

We ensure that there is a facility close to you that has a staff of highly qualified specialists that can deliver the most up-to-date rehabilitation treatments.

Tremendous Results Through Selective Treatment


Ignoring a vehicle accident-related lower back pain and hoping it goes away is a bad idea. Even the tiniest of signs might point to a more severe issue.

You must get a comprehensive checkup to uncover any injuries as soon as possible and obtain the best care and treatment.

In the aftermath of a vehicle accident, it can be difficult to gauge how you feel. So, if you have discomfort hours or days after your car accident, don't ignore it.

The sooner you can get an accurate diagnosis, the better. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to improve your quality of life!

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Talk with one of our experts and learn the possible treatments for you.

Get Treated

Get a specialized treatment plan tailored to your needs and recover from your car accident injury.

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