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Common Auto Accident Injury Symptoms & What To Do About Them

Vehicle accidents often result in injuries ranging from mild to serious, but even the most serious injuries might not have significant symptoms at first. Knowing the different symptoms of auto accidents can help you determine what type of injury you may have sustained and determine the right steps to recover.

Here we’ll dive into the different auto accident injury symptoms and the ways Alpha Medicine and Rehab can help you make a full recovery following an accident.

Headaches, Dizziness, and Vertigo

People often suffer from headaches, dizziness, and vertigo following auto accidents. These symptoms could indicate a concussion or even a more serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even if a victim’s head doesn’t make contact with anything in a vehicle’s interior, it’s possible to injure the brain in an accident due to the extreme motions the head can make.

In cases of vertigo, people might experience a sensation of dizziness along with the feeling that you or the surrounding environment is spinning.

If you experience any of these common auto accident injury symptoms, don’t ignore them. Doctors may find that you have a brain injury and help you get the treatment you need to begin recovering.

Whiplash and Neck Pain

Another common type of auto accident injury symptom is neck pain, which often results from whiplash injuries. Whiplash occurs when the sudden force of stopping causes the neck to rapidly “whip” forward and back, which can put serious strain on the neck.

Whiplash injuries may not be immediately apparent, but they could develop into more serious conditions. If you feel any neck pain following an accident, you should seek treatment to determine the severity of the whiplash injury. Neck pain could indicate a variety of injuries that could worsen without care.

Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Shoulder injuries and upper back pain are also among the most common auto accident injury symptoms. A torn rotator cuff could be behind these symptoms, with many accident victims suffering from this particular injury when the rapid forces of the accident cause the cuff to rupture.

While the shoulder is one of the strongest parts of the body, it also contains some of the most active and delicate joints. This complex part of the body consists of many bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that can experience injuries extending to the upper back.

Again, don’t ignore these symptoms and seek treatment if you notice any pain in your shoulders or upper back.

Lower Back Pain

Some accident victims suffer lower back pain after collisions, with this symptom most commonly appearing following rear-end accidents. Lower back pain often results from injuries to the muscles and other soft tissue in the back, but it could also indicate more serious injuries to the bones or internal organs.

As with any other injury in this list, don’t treat lower back pain lightly. This symptom could indicate a deep underlying issue that demands immediate treatment.

Hip and Leg Pain

If you’re experiencing hip and/or leg pain following an accident, there are many potential injuries that could cause it. Something minor like a sprain could be the culprit, or it may be indicative of something more serious like bursitis, dislocation, fractures or broken bones, or tendonitis. This pain could also come with visible bruising and internal bleeding.

In the event of an accident, keep an eye on your hips, including their function and reactivity. You might not experience noticeable pain immediately, but if you notice pain while moving and a limited range of motion resulting from the accident, seek treatment as soon as possible.

Other Car Accident Symptoms

In addition to these common auto accident injury symptoms, you might notice others that keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle and impede your ability to function on a daily basis.

For example, you might experience chest pain, which could result from bruised or fractured ribs, bruising caused by seatbelt restraints, or damaged lungs, among other underlying injuries. You could also experience fatigue or difficulty sleeping, both of which often involve brain injuries. You might also suffer from joint pain, memory loss, or general swelling and bruising.

In any case, if you notice these or other symptoms following an accident, seek professional treatment as soon as possible. Even symptoms that seem relatively mild could get worse over time and indicate serious or even life-threatening conditions. The sooner you seek medical assessment, the sooner you can begin getting the treatment you need and get on the road to recovery.

Get Help from Alpha Medicine and Rehab

If you need the best treatment for any auto accident symptoms and the injuries behind them, the experts at Alpha Medicine and Rehab are here for you. We provide our patients with personalized care across all of our locations in Florida.

We take a holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation to help our patients make a full recovery when they turn to us, with care coming from specially-trained staff who can determine exactly what you need to recover and enjoy an active lifestyle once again.

Simply book an appointment with us at the nearest clinic, speak with one of our experts in a consultation, and get started on treatment based on what you specifically need. Give us a call today to speak with a team member about your care needs.

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